Tuesday, June 19, 2012

More pics of Hammock Beach Resort


More Hammock Beach Resort Pictures:

Super Luke!

Smiling Siena!

 This lazy river was so cold...it was like an ice bath:)

Playing with daddy!
Eating Sand is what this girl loved to do:)

Luke is great with Sam. He really is a big help entertaining her and she loves him!

Daddy's girl for sure!

I love my handsome men.

Luke loves the beach and waves

Hey guys! I've got the best seat:)

Too cute to get into trouble.

Kevin having a blast!

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DuaneAngie said...

Love the pics of Luke with Samantha--such a joy to see the kiddos playing together (and the older helping the younger). I'm sure Samantha will be in awe of her older brother for a long time... :)