Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Luke's Vacation

Well, Luke had his last surgery at the beginning of April which caused for a celebration. His treat:
2 weeks at the beach and he loved it! He was talking about "HIS" trip for a long time. Its a trip well deserved for a boy who has had 8 surgeries and gone through so much.  We really are proud of how well Luke has handled himself despite everything he had to go through.  Enjoy the pictures! 

 I always say: I'm blessed three times over! I really am:)


 Very hard to get a picture....notice Sam with a "treat"



 We loved this place so much that we will probably go back next year.


 Siena is obsessed with picking flowers

 Just being a kid:)

 One of the many pools.  It really is a great place for families with small kids.

 They couldn't get enough of the water slide.

 Luke wore me out going up and down this slide!

Sam, Siena, Luke

 Daddy loves getting dirty in the sand with his kids.


 Sammy Ruth is always smiling. She was a super baby this trip!



 The lazy river.

 Princess Siena



 Sam enjoying life or eating leaves...however you want to see it!

 They had a cute golf course for kids.



 Siena tried for a little bit


 She decided that picking flowers would be more fun.


So that is what she did





more pics to come:)


Anonymous said...

I have been waiting for an update of pics...I LOVE LOVE ALL of these from Luke's special trip! What memories you are creating!


Anonymous said...

WOW! What a beautiful place for Luke to get a little R&R! I loved seeing the girls in their tutu's everywhere.
It's funny how girly Siena is with her Princess stuff and picking flowers. It's very sweet. It looks like mom and dad had a great time too! Thanks for sharing these pics. Loved them! Love, DQ