Sunday, March 25, 2012

Houston 2012 Olympic Trials

 The newspaper in my town did a story before I left.  This was one of the pics they took of me and Luke racing.  After I come home from my runs Luke is always waiting for me to take him around the block and its not a jog...he wants to race:)

On our way to Houston. Like Father, like Son.

 It was pretty cold at the start of the race. I'm warming up here.

 There were lots of stuff to do while waiting for mama.

 I was able to pump before my race, so Sam could eat.  I thought that was important:)  I love this pic of Kevin. Such a good daddy!

 Since this was the trials the course was in loops so that spectators could see.  I loved hearing my boys cheer for me...gave Luke a few high fives too!

 I'm very happy with how I finished with very little training involved.  Thanks to God that I finished:)

 Who is more tired? ha Luke and Sam did great.  They waited for 2 hours and 48 min. Thats a long time.

 We got to explore the city.
 Taking pictures with some friends
My hubby is totally faster!


DuaneAngie said...

Awesome pics Shar--thanks so much for posting! I love the story about Luke wanting to race with you when you got back from your runs. What a cutie. I am so proud of you and love love to see your running stories!!!

Anonymous said...

What fun and little Sam was a butterball! Lukey-do as always the competitor like you and his daddy!!! It won't be long before we start watching him compete! And I bet Siena will be right in the mix. Great pics and can't wait to see you compete in the Music City 1/2 marathon!